Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KCR Daughter Kavitha

I had the fortunate opportunity to study at a University in Mississippi, USA from 1999 -2002 along with KCR's daughter Kavitha. I say fortunate not because i got to know her, but because i got the chance to write this blog. I saw her on an Indian TV channel the other day, and read her statements and remembered the girl in the USA so different from the one i see now. Other than the fact that she looked downright ugly(even more at that time-no makeup on foundation like on tv), she did manage to get a good looking south indian boyfriend. Also, I am going to write more about her style of dressing, drinking, wild partying and just all the crap that she is made up of... And also about the time that she tried to force herself on my neighbors boyfriend (who was not interested in this kam wali). She could never speak a proper sentence in English. Never passed all her courses (even though she copied everyones homework). And she worked at motels in the night to get money to buy clothes for herself. In fact she would never open unless it was to bitch about somebody or something. What an insecure insect she was and now just watching her on tv is bringing back all those memories.

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